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September 5th, 2014

Hi friends,


Our release date has been slightly adjusted, but no problem, we are here to party!

Here’s the skinny…  an outdoor show scheduled for next weekend was moved inside.  This led to the shuffling of multiple shows that night.  Because of your awesomeness, we have sold more tickets than any other smaller venue could hold.  This was a rare and unexpected situation; we cannot thank the AEG team enough for working with us to do the next best thing!

Some of you have purchased tickets already:

  • If you are still able to come rock on the 20th then your current ticket is all good, see you there!
  • If you cannot attend, the bluebird will honor the ticket and refund you.
  • If you purchased your ticket directly through someone in the band, please contact us.
  • If you purchased your ticket through the bluebird, you can also contact us, but will likely need to request a refund from AEG.

Some of you had not purchased tickets yet because you couldn’t go to the 9/12 show. Well, now you’re in luck!  Contact us for tickets!  Or visit the Bluebird, Gothic, or Ogden ticket office.

Or go here for service fee paradise: http://www.bluebirdtheater.net/events/detail/252804

There will most likely be lots of emails and Facebook posts, for which we apologize to you in advance.

We are really excited for this show and can’t wait to celebrate with you on the 20th!


Your Strange Americans


September 3rd, 2014

Take a gander at our new music video for Rocks / Rolls, a single from That Kind of Luster 


August 16th, 2014

Been a crazy couple weeks for sure… first if you are reading this today, we jumped on last minute for the Black Shirt Brewing Red Evelyn Release tonight.  We go on at 8:30pm but the festivities start at 2pm.  Music starts with R.L. Cole at 6pm and Joel Van Horne (Covenhoven) at 7pm.  Whew.  Sweet.


Last weekend in Aspen was awesome.  Quick up and back to support The Both (Aimee Mann & Ted Leo), but well worth it.  Amanda LeBlanc Hoffman and George Blosser came along and brought their cameras for some AWESOME shots.



Next up…. NEW MERCH!  And look whose already rocking one… SA caught up with Trampled By Turtles at the Dead Man Winter (TBT side project) & Deer Tick show.  Some of you probably remember, SA opened for Dead Man Winter years ago, and Tim even remembered.  Thanks for representing dude!  If you are looking for something to do, Trampled By Turtles is packing out Red Rocks tonight.  Show of the summer, for sure.



Finally, the album is in print and will be in our arms August 29th.  Two weeks before the release!  Jeez, we are really getting responsible in our golden years.  If you are a member of the press, an active blogger, or someone with a lot of friends, you can review our album early!  Just contact us for more information.  With 4 weeks remaining until the Album Release Party at Bluebird Theater, we hope you will get your ticket soon.  With all bullshit aside, this show is half sold out at this point.  We would love to make this the biggest party possible with all of you, our friends!  Just ask us if you need a ticket…

Thats all for now.  Cheers.  SICK!!!!!

Love, us.

August 4th, 2014

If you can’t tell by all the graphics, we are extremely excited for our Album Release Party at Bluebird Theater.  First things first, we have a couple awesome bands that we are beyond happy to share the stage with.  The Knew are some really great, really tall dudes that have been our rock and roll parents.  Taking us under their long stretched wings, providing just the right amount of praise and punishment; teaching us the fine skills of spraying silly string and pushing our way guitar first into a crowd spitting beer every which direction… well, actually that last beer spitting part is still a dream, but we hope to reach such status someday.  See here, Jacob crowd surfing mid set:


Josh Dillard & the Streaks of Lightning are new friends of ours, but watching their talent quickly gain much deserved attention in Denver and beyond, we look forward to seeing how far they will go.  Hint: Far.


Well people, Scott McCormick did it again, putting together more truly SICK photographs and hand written graphics for That Kind of Luster.  Thats right, the man said phuck fotoshop.  He and Jeff Engelstadt (Strange Electrical Engineer American) made lightning.  What?  Yes.  Lightning.  Look at this shit:


The Bluebird set will be designed and created by Incite Colorado with Scott’s masterful creativity at the wheel.  So, if you haven’t already, make sure to grab your ticket for this spectacle.  $5 early bird special has passed us by, BUT… just shoot us an email, tweet, Facebook message, post, Instagram, whatever… we have straight up $10 cash tickets available.  If you are in the Denver area, buy 2 or more tickets directly from us, and we will deliver the tickets to your house, AND PLAY A SONG!  Whaaaaaaat?  Yes (ha, I can’t wait till the guys read this).  Or if you enjoy service fees, you can go here.

Mixing is done (thank you Tim Gerak, Mammoth Cave), album is being mastered out in Cleveland Ohio by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio.  We could have it off to print this week!!!

We so much appreciate your support.  Even by reading this you continue to fuel the not always easy task of making music.  We hope you are enjoying this next adventure.

- SA
Email: strangeamericans@gmail.com for $10 tickets



9/20 – DENVER CO – BLUEBIRD THEATER - tickets here
10/10 – Denver CO –  3 Kings – 9:00pm – tickets here
- Denver CO – Children’s Hospital – 1:00pm – free!
10/17 – Edwards CO – Main St Grill – 9:30pm – free!
10/25 – Longmont CO – Dickens Opera House – Boulder Facial Hair Competition – tickets here
11/22 - Denver CO – SA Family Thanksgiving – Swallow Hill (Tuft Theater) – tickets here

Strange Americans recorded in-studio with CPR OpenAir 1340 to celebrate our release of That Kind of Luster.  Album Release Party is Sept 20th, Bluebird Theater. Tickets on sale NOW!



FREE Download

SA continues our process in the studio with Mammoth Cave and our friendly neighborhood engineer, Tim Gerak. Get your ears on this tune which will come out in our 2014 full length release, That Kind of Luster. Cheers!




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